Adjustment of Status

An adjustment of status permits an individual to change their immigration status while within the United States from non-immigrant to immigrant. However, the first step in the adjustment status process is to determine if the applicant fits into a specific immigrant category making him or her eligible for permanent resident status. Generally this process is triggered by a family member or employer petitioning on your behalf.

Filing for an adjustment of status can be very difficult and entails that you submit all essential documentation and evidence required for your particular immigrant category. Any failure to show supporting information, or to meet time lines may result in your application being delayed or possibly denied for failure to establish that you are eligible to adjust status.

The steps of becoming a permanent resident of the United States is a goal of many individuals in the country. However, this process can be confusing and overwhelming without the apt guidance of a good immigration attorney. Here at The Law Offices of Capeci and Rodenzo we represent clients from the United States and across the Globe in a wide range of issues surrounding adjustment of status. Our immigration law firm is built on the foundation of trust our clients have placed in us.

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